Some CEPIC members may know photographer Shahidul Alam from photo agency Majority World or they may remember him from CEPIC Congress Florence where he was a speaker. On 5 August, Shahidul was arrested in his house in Dhaka, hours after a Al Jezeera released an interview with him on the demonstrations in Bangladesh.

A petition asking for his immediate release may be signed and shared here! https://chn.ge/2ODarHt

It was late on Sunday when at least 20 to 30 men, all in plain clothes, entered the offices of the Drik Picture Library in Dhaka to forcefully remove its founder, photographer Shahidul Alam. Read More

UN human rights experts* have urged Bangladeshi authorities to immediately release photographer Shahidul Alam, who was arrested and allegedly tortured after reporting abuses against student protesters demanding road safety. Read More

C-161/17 –
Córdoba The CJEU decision is positive for photographers

In the "Cordoba" case decision released on 07.08, the CJEU has confirmed that Internet users must ask for a photographer’s permission before publishing their images, even if these were already freely accessible elsewhere online.

In the case at hand, the photograph of photographer Dirk Renckhoff had been used without his authorization on the website of a secondary school in Land Nordrhein-Westfallen. The photographer sued the school seeking 400 € damages.

The decision of the CJEU in favour of the photographer comes as a big relief for all visual authors and image providers ... Read More

Copyright Directive: Facts and Figures

On 14 September 2016: the European Commission presents a draft Directive to modernize copyright in the Digital Single Market

From October 2016 to June 2018, the draft directive goes through five Committees of the European Parliament. Many thousands amendments are put forward to modify the original text. CEPIC's proposals focus on including "framing" and on preserving the core of the "value gap" provisions.

25 May 2018: the Council agrees on a common position

On 20 June 2018, the Legal Committee of the European Parliament adopts with a clear majority the Report of MEP Voss proposing an amended version of the draft copyright directive

June-July 2018: Unprecendented fear-mongering campaign in media and to MEPS to reject "link tax" (Art. 11) and "up-load filters" (Art.13) . Google alone is reported having spent € 31 million on lobbying against the Directive. MEPs complain of spams and abusive calls, even death threats.

"Article 13: Anatomy of a Political Hack- Guest Post by Volker Rieck" Read Here

On 05 June 2018, the European Parlament rejects the mandate to enter in a dialoge with the two other EU institutions, European Commission and Council)

12 July 2018: CEPIC publishes a Statement to the press and MEPs Read Here

This Statement has been translated in French , in German and in Polish.

Additional amendments may be sent to modify Voss report until 06 September

A new vote in Plenary is scheduled on 12 September:


Industry News 

• Alamy has announced that CEO Andy Harding appointed in 2017 is leaving the Company by mutual consent Read More

•  “SmartFrame has developed a revolutionary, patent-pending new image format for the internet that seeks to redefine and become the ubiquitous digital image standard.” Read More

• BAPLA Focus is taking place in London on October 4th. Programme and tickets are available here

• Getty Images launches a new AI tool that helps publishers find the right picture for the story. Read More

• Stolen Nirvana pictures are being paid for Read More

• ImageRights International, Inc.announced the additions of Bruce Stangle and Kevin McCurry to their advisory board Read More

• Shamanism – Spiritual Guides for Indigenous Peoples from Werner Forman Archive
Read More



• 26 August Julia Reda (Pirate Party MEP) has called to street demonstrations in all Europe against the EU Copyright Directive Tweet Here

• 12 September Vote in Pleanary of European Parliament of Directive on Copyright

• 04 October BAPLA FOCUS!

• 21 - 23 October DMLA International Conference



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