Louis Zaal

Louis Zaal, founder of Hollandse Hoogte, passed away on 20th August 2016.

Trevillion’s Exciting New Briefing Service

Trevillion Images, one of the leading creative photo agencies, is launching a fantastic new picture research service package called ‘Instant Brief & Search’!

FOCUS: Creating Value

BAPLA Focus returns to an outstanding central London venue for the fourth in its series of sell-out conferences

Not all Links are Equal …

CEPIC urges the Commission to translate its strong political commitment to achieve a fairer allocation of value generated by the online distribution of copyrighted content into meaningful legal solutions to remedy the transfer of value in the image sector and provide a level playing field in the online market.

Animals in Art from Werner Forman Archive

Animals have featured in art from the earliest cave paintings. Ancient artworks cover an astonishing range of different creatures, including those that are fantastical. During the eight decades of his travels, Werner Forman photographed many different animals in art.

Africa Media Online: New Simplified Pricing

In response to changes in the industry and our clients requirements Africa Media Online have decided to take some radical steps regarding the pricing of their images. As of today their new simplified pricing model comes into effect.

Alan Bailey

Alan Bailey CEO of Superstock and one of the owners or Rubberball passed away on 6 July.