Alexander Koch leaves BVPA

People On the Move. Alexander Koch, legal counsel of BVPA, will be leaving BVPA at the end of the year.

New Stock Photo Service PicturEngine Brings Buyers And Sellers Together, the world’s largest stock photography search engine, launches this month, connecting content creators and sellers directly to image buyers looking for a comprehensive all-in-one search. PicturEngine’s creator, Justin Brinson, redefined the stock photo search and created a discovery experience that delivers relevant pictures quickly and easily.

robertharding announces new ‘good to go’ license

The stock photography world is changing fast, and constantly throwing up new challenges. robertharding – a high-end, world leader in travel imagery, is taking a pioneering approach to creating new and exciting ways of working.

John’s Blog article on Google Images Search and what the Getty Images’ complaint at the European Commission

Jim Pickerell wrote an article on whether stopping images scraping would solve photographers’ problems. He recommended that photographers do a Google search for some of their best selling images. “If those images are never shown as part of the search returns” concludes Jim, “it may be a good indication that images in the Getty collection are being blocked in Google searches.” Jim was suggesting that Google would be blocking images in retaliation to Getty Images’ complaint … Here is John Balean’s answer to this.