Byzantium – City of Gold, City of Faith from Werner Forman Archive

Werner Forman Archive has a selection of the most iconic images of this city of gold and faith. Orthodox Christianity permeated every aspect of Byzantine life, from the Emperor down to the humblest artisan. That this Empire survived so long was a testimony to the effective marriage of Christian ideals and ancient Roman forms, and to the racial harmony of this thoroughly cosmopolitan society.

Audible Magic Pursues Trademark Case Against Google

Audible Magic Corporation, the leader in digital fingerprinting and automated content recognition (ACR) solutions, has initiated legal action against Google for the company’s fraudulent trademark registration of Audible Magic’s Content ID trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Trevillion’s New Online Availability Check

As you know, Trevillion offer some of the best Rights-Managed images on the market, and if required, they can be licensed on an exclusive basis.
But now publishers will be able to check for image availability on our website at any time.

2016 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award

This year’s winner sees a first for the Arcaid awards in the form of the subject being an historic location. The image of the ‘Covered Reservoir’ by Matt Emmett captured the imagination of the delegates at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin. One voter, Dr Eva-Maria Barkhofen, Head of the Architecture Archive at the Akademie der Künste was heard saying it reminded her of a Piranesi.

Alexander Koch leaves BVPA

People On the Move. Alexander Koch, legal counsel of BVPA, will be leaving BVPA at the end of the year.