CEPIC new member: LAMARK

LAMARK is a new CEPIC member in April 2016. LAMARK will be at the CEPIC Congress Zagreb.

The business face of Big Data: do we have to care

In a business world run by “Big Data”, having little or poor data indicates an endogenous problem and if a problem is generated from within an industry, it could forecast dangers ahead.

Preserving our files, our heritage and our business

The photo industry has always been beset with life threatening challenges. From the beginnings of digitisation through to the wholesale use of social media, creators and their representatives have had to fight for a perch in a business all too easily overrun by those who simply want to make money from other peoples’ talent. Not to mention those who don’t care a jot about quality …..

Looting and Loss of Cultural Heritage

Archaeological looting is a global issue that threatens the preservation of our shared cultural heritage. In the Middle East, archaeological looting and the deliberate destruction of archaeological sites and monuments amid ongoing warfare have captured international attention.

Dreamstime Introduces Unlimited Extended Licenses

NASHVILLE, TN (March 7, 2016)— Dreamstime, the world’s largest community in stock photography, announced today it made changes to its Extended Licenses by allowing users to produce unlimited copies with purchased media. Previously, customers purchased extended licenses for print or web usage of an image and were restricted by limits on the number of copies they could reproduce, for example for t-shirts, on-demand printed items, or e-cards.

Google Grant Supports Developing EXTRA Classification Platform

The International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) will use a grant from the first round of Google’s Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund to build and freely distribute an initial version of EXTRA: The EXTraction Rules Apparatus, a multilingual open-source platform for rules-based classification of news content.