Scythians – Horsemen of the Siberian Steppes from the Werner Forman Archive

The Scythians were an ancient nomadic tribe who ruled an area from the Caucuses to Western China. They did this with horse warfare – the first to do so. The British Museum is opening an exhibition about them on 14th September. Werner Forman Archive has a treasury of material about these mysterious people.

Wimbledon pioneers split-second photography technology

The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) has scored a first during The Championships, Wimbledon 2017 by using Capture’s ground-breaking LIVE EVENTS technology that allows images to be delivered instantly direct from camera – complete with caption information – to multiple simultaneous global destinations.

ImageRights Acquires Image Witness

ImageRights International, the global leader in copyright enforcement services for photo agencies and professional photographers, today announced the acquisition of Australia’s Image Witness, whose rapid scan image search technology fortifies ImageRights’ technology leadership position in the fast-growing copyright enforcement services industry.

Google Images put to the test

If we are to foster continued growth in the images sector, we need the likes of Google to listen and help make changes so we can share in the value generated within the online marketplace.

Is the best way to fight technology with technology?

In last weeks CEPIC Congress ‘Thank you’ newsletter we mentioned a few of this years very well-attended seminars. The biggest discussions and debates where centred around Google and our industrys efforts to overcome its dominance on search, and the negative impact it’s having on our on-line licensing and copyright preservation. We also explored emerging revenue opportunities and what the future holds for our industry.

Support Roger-Viollet: sign the petition

Will Roger-Viollet Agency be closed after 79 years of existence? More will be known by mid-July. In the meantime, support Roger-Viollet Agency and sign the petition on