Brussels : The DSM Directive in progress …

Activity in first half of 2017 is very high as consultations on the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market progress.
The most important documents and links are provided in this Post.

CEPIC Congress 2017 – Full Participants List

 Update: 10 March 2017: We have 207 registrations from 125 agencies and 29 countries. CEPIC CONGRESS 2017 BY COMPANY CEPIC CONGRESS 2017 – LIST BY LAST NAME CEPIC CONGRESS 2017 – LIST BY COUNTRY CEPIC COMGRESS 2017 – LIST BY SUPPLIERS CEPIC COMGRESS 2017 – LIST BY DISTRIBUTOR TABLE REPORT For corrections on the lists please contact Isis … Continued

Online Platforms consultations

Letters of “Value Gap” group JUNCKER Joint letter on status of online platforms in relation to copyright – 24February Answer of Jean-Paul Junker Junker acknowledgemen Answer of Günther Oettinger Oettinger aknowledgment Leaked draft of EC Communication (April 2016) Leaked draft Internet platforms Communication Published (25 May 2016) Provides definition of online platforms – Picture agencies … Continued

CEPIC Congress 2016 – Full Participants List

 Update: On 28 May, 2016 there are 356 registrations from 213 agencies and 34 countries. CEPIC CONGRESS 2016 – BY COMPANY 30-05-2016 CEPIC CONGRESS 2016 – BY LAST NAME 30-05-2016 CEPIC CONGRESS 2016 – BY COUNTRY 30-05-2016 CEPIC CONGRESS 2016 – SUPPLIERS 30-05-2016 CEPIC CONGRESS 2016 – DISTRIBUTORS 30-05-2016 CEPIC CONGRESS 2016 – TABLE REPORT … Continued

Google Images Survey main documents

In this section you will find the results of the CEPIC survey with regards to the use of Google Images. The survey was carried out in August 2015 following a Request For Information from the European Commissio