Meet The Author in pictures

Our thanks to CEPIC member Agency Belga and their photographer Filip de Smet who photographed the conference Meet the Author.

Response to Copyright Office on Group Registration of Photographs

DMLA together with various other visual arts associations filed a joint response to a proposed rulemaking by the Copyright Office on Group Registration of Photographs.
The proposal seeks to establish new online registration procedures for groups of unpublished as well as published photographs. The proposal was quite in-depth, including an extensive history of group registration of photographs regulations and the requirements for a new proposed system. In general the coalition was in favor of improving the electronic registration process for registration of all photographs, but had some recommendations for the Copyright Office on as to how to improve the proposed system.

Sweden’s Supreme Court on the freedom of panorama

On Monday 4 April, the Swedish Supreme Court that the non-profit internet giant Wikimedia breaches Sweden’s copyright laws by publishing photos of public artworks. The ruling recognises the “commercial value” of Wikimedia’s database.

Unfair contract will not save the media industry!

This is the reproduction of an article published by four leading organisations in Sweden, including CEPIC member BLF, against growing unfair contractual rules imposed by media companies on freelancers.

The Truth about the Eiffel Tower

The impossibility to photograph the Eiffel Tower belongs to one of these long standing myths when it comes to photos on public spaces. What’s true, what’s not true?

CEPIC on the Freedom of Panorama #FoP

CEPIC’s membership reflects the diversity of legal traditions in Europe. This includes the freedom of panorama, an exception which has been implemented in various forms in the majority of European countries.