EU copyright law on its way!

On 12 September the European Parliament voted 448 to 226 the amended version of the Copyright Directive that was originally rejected on 5 July after the most controversial passages of the law have been watered down. If the directive goes through, it will be the result of 10 years of work to solve the “Transfer of Value” in the digital eco-system. What is in the directive for picture agencies and for photographers?

Copyright Directive: Facts and Figures

On 14 September 2016: the European Commission presents a draft Directive to modernize copyright in the Digital Single Market. A look back on two years and a look ahead.

Copyright Directive: Be Informed, Have Your Say!

On O5 July 2018 the European Parliament voted against the negotiation proposed by the Legal Affairs Committee, adopted on 20 June 2018, for the EU Copyright Directive proposal. What happens next?

Where are we with the DSM Directive?

The DSM Directive was published in September 2016. How far is the consultation process and has the Directive any chance of going through? Lobbying in Brussels Explained