IPTC’s News at a Crossroads symposium – come and see what happened

IPTC is celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2015. The “News at a Crossroads” Symposium was the culminating event of our celebrations. Categories of change were examined separately with presentations and a discussion, open to the floor, and in a fourth session brought together to examine the crossroads and see how their findings might benefit each other.

The IPTC hits 50 with a seminar about the future of news

The IPTC has marked it’s 50th birthday with a seminar in London called ‘News at a Crossroads – Navigating a Changing Landscape’. The afternoon seminar gave us a high speed ride through changes in the news industry now and in the future.

Digital Rights Management in JPEG? Is DRM back?

It is with great interest that CEPIC members have taken note of the intention of the JPEG’s Joint Expert Group to integrate DRM (Digital Rights Management) into an extended JPEG standard. Is it a new promising method allowing to fight against a high and raising rate of online piracy ?

DOI Outreach Conference, Milan, 21 November

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier, an identifier applied to digital objects. There are over 100 million DOI allocated worldwide to all kinds of content.