Chasing the smart photo…

The web is a Wild West environment for images, with unauthorised uses on a massive scale, and a perception by many users that copyright is no longer relevant. So what is a Smart Photo in this environment?

More join cause to make the Internet a fair and sustainable place FOR ALL!

Despite the recent rejection of copyright amendments online on July 5th, many EU organisations are rallying together to support the cause. The aim is to create a fair and sustainable Internet for all. The emphasis here is on the “for all” as currently the online world creates vale gaps for creators. Currently, work can be … Continued

ARDITO: Upgrading the Internet

ARDITO no longer a project, but a service! We are happy to announce that the “ARDITO: Upgrading the Internet” conference on 19 June was a success! Thanks to everyone who contributed and participated, and especially to our guest and keynote speaker MEP Henna Virkkunen.

Isopix and Belga Image sign a cooperation agreement

Belga and Isopix both have a strong local and international photo production that is supplemented daily with hundreds of new images from various sectors such as Belgian current affairs, sports, people, portraits, stock photography and images from numerous niche sectors.