Will Google become good to image providers?

On 9 October 2017 a delegation made up of representatives of the photo industry met up in Berlin with representatives of Google. It was the second meeting face to face in five months and since 2013.

Google Images put to the test

If we are to foster continued growth in the images sector, we need the likes of Google to listen and help make changes so we can share in the value generated within the online marketplace.

Jack Monroe & Katie Hopkins

on 10 March 2017, Jack Monroe was awarded £24,000 in damages (plus costs) in respect of two tweets published by Katie Hopkins.

John’s Blog article on Google Images Search and what the Getty Images’ complaint at the European Commission

Jim Pickerell wrote an article on whether stopping images scraping would solve photographers’ problems. He recommended that photographers do a Google search for some of their best selling images. “If those images are never shown as part of the search returns” concludes Jim, “it may be a good indication that images in the Getty collection are being blocked in Google searches.” Jim was suggesting that Google would be blocking images in retaliation to Getty Images’ complaint … Here is John Balean’s answer to this.

The business face of Big Data: do we have to care

In a business world run by “Big Data”, having little or poor data indicates an endogenous problem and if a problem is generated from within an industry, it could forecast dangers ahead.

Preserving our files, our heritage and our business

The photo industry has always been beset with life threatening challenges. From the beginnings of digitisation through to the wholesale use of social media, creators and their representatives have had to fight for a perch in a business all too easily overrun by those who simply want to make money from other peoples’ talent. Not to mention those who don’t care a jot about quality …..