Digital Tax – Information – State of Play -

Tax authorities around the world are trying to understand the fundamental drivers of the digital transformation of the global economy, with the aim of ensuring that companies are taxed where value is created. This article is regularly up-dated.

Open Internet Project

OIP’s participation at the debate with the French candidates for the upcoming EU election was a great success.

Immunity of Internet Service Providers

Immunity of Internet Service Providers is also a topic in the USA. Nancy Wolff, legal counsel of DMLA, reports of a recent meeting at the Copyright Office in the US.

Copytrack Global Infringement Report

“On any given day, countless images are used all over the internet, many of which are stolen. Studies by IMGembed and Copytrack show that of the three billion images shared online each day, around 85% are unlicensed. That’s a total of around 2.5 billion stolen images!”

Controversial Swedish Copyright Case Raises Question About Originality

Photographer, Jonas Lemberg, accused the painter, Markus Andersson, of abusing his copyright after the oil painter recreated his portrait of the famed Christer Pettersson with the brush adding only a goat to the background. The verdict now questions the understandings of the copyright law.

Will Google become good to image providers?

On 9 October 2017 a delegation made up of representatives of the photo industry met up in Berlin with representatives of Google. It was the second meeting face to face in five months and since 2013.

Google Images put to the test

If we are to foster continued growth in the images sector, we need the likes of Google to listen and help make changes so we can share in the value generated within the online marketplace.