Committee Meeting of 6 April 2016 in Paris

SIPA office, 59 Boulevard Exelman, Paris Start: 10.30 H End: 18.00 H On 7th April A meeting had been arranged with Alfonso/ Marisol and SAPHIR – press agencies – and SNAPIG – stock agencies – FNAPPI. Topics: – Exception of panorama – “French Google tax” PRESENT: Alfonso Gutierrez, Lars Modie, Stefan Wittwer, Colombe de … Continued

Notes on the presentation on 16 March 2016 at the European Parliament

On Wednesday 16th, Sylvie Fodor for CEPIC participated on a panel discussion on online platforms organised by the working group on Iintellectual property rights and copyright reform at the European Parliament. The group is chaired by Jean-Marie Cavada. Diligent participant is Julia Reda.

The value of EU projects (for a trade association)

CEPIC Executive Director, Sylvie Fodor, is happy to announce that following a five-month training and a test in January, she now qualifies as a certified EU fundraiser. This is a first step for CEPIC towards the next EU project, as a source of income and, more importantly as a great networking tool in EU affairs.