Brussels : The DSM Directive in progress …

Activity in first half of 2017 is very high as consultations on the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market progress. This article provides the most important information.

Committee Meeting of 6 April 2016 in Paris

SIPA office, 59 Boulevard Exelman, Paris Start: 10.30 H End: 18.00 H On 7th April A meeting had been arranged with Alfonso/ Marisol and SAPHIR – press agencies – and SNAPIG – stock agencies – FNAPPI. Topics: – Exception of panorama – “French Google tax” PRESENT: Alfonso Gutierrez, Lars Modie, Stefan Wittwer, Colombe de … Continued

Notes on the presentation on 16 March 2016 at the European Parliament

On Wednesday 16th, Sylvie Fodor for CEPIC participated on a panel discussion on online platforms organised by the working group on Iintellectual property rights and copyright reform at the European Parliament. The group is chaired by Jean-Marie Cavada. Diligent participant is Julia Reda.