Fifth Stakeholder Dialogue January 16th

On January 16th, the European Commission opened the year with the 5th of ist series of meetings within Art. 17-10 of the EU Copyright Directive. This is the third and last phase of the Stakeholder Dialogue.

Fourth Stakeholder Dialogue December 16th

Here are the time of appearances with presentations. If you have to watch one, then watch Facebook’s presentation followed by questions. Images and why Facebook are not proposing any kind of protection for them come at 10.46 H.

Second Stakeholder Dialogue November 05th

On 5th November CEPIC participated in the Second Meeting of the Stakeholder Dialogue on the implementation of the EU Copyright Directive. The objective of this high level meeting is to hear stakeholders’ views and to discuss possible practical solutions for the application of Article 17. The European Commission will establish rules for “Best Practices”.

Digital Agenda 2019 – 2024

What are the legal battle fields in Brussels? This post is being regularly up-dated with new information.