Thank you for attending the CEPIC Congress 2017 & see you in 2018! 

Thank you to all companies and delegates for your participation in the CEPIC 2017 Congress. Our heartfelt appreciation to all our partners and sponsors who support our work year after year. We also have to give special mention to Adobe Stock’s participation, their persistence and great help with the seminars and much more in developing our industry.

We are witnessing a radical change in the business model of stock photography; while we were once selling pictures for hundreds of dollars each, we now are selling millions of photos for a fraction for what we were making a few years ago. Welcome to the new era where the model is about making photography a valuable art and conceptual tool beyond shooting with a smartphone and sharing on social media.

A note about our seminars that received enthusiastic participation; from the Google seminar to the IPTC metadata conference and from that of the Content Revolution to that of the Future of Editorial Content, all of them were followed with extreme interest and observed high attendance, showing clearly that the radical change that is upon us is keeping everybody interested in anticipating a future that would show business opportunities as never before, especially for those who feel that challenge is the wind that advances our industry.

A comment on the CEPIC Stock Photography Awards is also needed because it shows positive growth figures, well over 120% in both number of images sent in and photographers participating, while at the same time showing an unparalleled level of quality. Stock photography represents a segment in the visual content spectrum that gives photographers the freedom to create images without an assignment in mind. Three years ago CEPIC created this space of visual recognition to acknowledge the fact that we photo agencies owe our existence to the thousands of photographers creating images and sending them to us for licensing.    

If asked whether we will continue bringing events, new happenings and innovative approaches to our congress, the answer will be yes. We expect to create a hub for events where photography will be recognized as the tool that makes the digital world and its internet manifestation informative, but above all, interesting to follow. So, pencil in May 2018 into your calendar, where we, the center of the picture industry, will get together again in Berlin, in the hearth of Europe. Reserve the dates for late May, 2018, where we will open the doors once again for three days of seminars, technology, networking, photography and fun. 

Alfonso Gutierrez

CEPIC President 



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