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All you need to know about the CEPIC Congress

The CEPIC Congress is the largest networking hub for agencies worldwide and will take place in Paris – for the first time – from 5 to 7 June 2019.

Venue: Salons de l’Aveyron in Bercy
Address: 17 Rue de l’Aubrac 75012 Paris

Shipping details for table holders:

Please click here to know hwo to lable your shippings as required by Salons de l’Aveyron.
Parcels should not arrive before Monday, 3 June to the congress venue.

Why should I attend the CEPIC Congress?

Why is the Congress in Paris a special one?

We will take networking to the next level in Paris. Only on the first day of Congress, you can meet local customers as part of our collaboration with PIXDAY, the unique French professional trade fair between buyers and sellers of pictures.

Why should I attend PIXDAY?

Save the date and join PixDay’s agencies on 5th June in Paris.

How does the CEPIC Congress work?

CEPIC is all about networking. So to make the most of your participation, you should arrange as many meetings as possible before Congress. 

After registration and payment, CEPIC will grant you access to a “connect” area for you to contact all registered attendees and arrange your meetings.

For higher visibility and comfort for your meeting, you can add a table to your registration.

You can book CEPIC tables for 3 days (5 to 7 June) or 2 days (6 and 7 June). The latter will be available for booking as of 15 March.  

Table Area > 

Do you wish to have your own meeting space at CEPIC or PIXDAY?
Book a exhibitor’s table at the Table Area. More information >

Update on 27 May 2019

2019_05_24 CEPIC Table Plan 5th June

2019_05_24 CEPIC Table Plan 6-7th June