Adobe: Platinum Sponsor of the CEPIC Congress 2018

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CEPIC is pleased to continue its collaboration with Adobe for the third year with a Platinum Sponsorship of the CEPIC Congress 2018 in Berlin.

Adobe - a leader in creative marketing and document solutions – will play a leading role in the largest event in commercial still and moving images. Adobe is dedicated to improving and enabling creative workflows, and Adobe Stock offers complete and integrated marketplace for content.

In two unmissable sessions Adobe will share their insights on the future of creativity and content and editorial imagery.

  • Session 1: Wednesday, 30 May / 14:00 to 15:00

“The Evolution of Content: The Impact of AI on the Creative Process”

With the AI revolution emerging as one of the most profound technological shifts of our time, there’s plenty of speculation on the implications for content creators have yet to be defined. At Adobe, the introduction of Adobe Sensei (Adobe’s AI and machine learning framework) is embracing this technological evolution, using machine learning to deliver innovations that will in an experiment designed to amplify human creativity, not stifle it. In this session Shambhavi Kadam, Group Product Manager for Adobe Stock, will demonstrate how by blending the art of creativity with the science of data, we can help users find exactly what they need based on deep content understanding and deliver tools that can streamline workflows and liberate users from once cumbersome tasks. Shambhavi will demonstrate why AI-powered features such as visual stock search are saving hours in chore-like tasks by allowing users to search with aesthetic filters, semantic characteristics and automate key-wording. Attendees will walk away with ideas about how the tasks they like the least can be automated through machine learning, opening up a world of creative possibilities. 


  • Session 2: Thursday, 31 May

“Powering Content Velocity with Adobe”

Adobe is at the forefront of the intersection of creativity and innovation. We are developing tools and technologies designed to address the challenges that content creators and consumers are facing in the age of content velocity, where around-the-clock, multi-platform publishing is the norm. Join Scott Braut, Head of Content at Adobe, as he as he discusses the changes and challenges that the imaging industry is facing and how technology can help streamline the process to creating engaging and impacting visual experiences. Scott will showcase the latest technological innovations from Adobe – including machine learning and artificial intelligence (Adobe Sensei) – specifically designed to help brands and creatives keep up with content velocity.


We thank Adobe for the Congress lanyards, name badges, and T-shirts.

Check out our Congress programme for updates on the two Adobe sessions on Wednesday, 30 and Thursday, 31 May and save the dates.

From 30 May to 1 June you can meet the Adobe Stock representatives at table 56.

We’re looking forward to another great CEPIC Congress in Berlin!