Exhibition by Andreas Trogisch “Runaway” to preview at CEPIC Welcome Reception

CEPIC delegates are being treated to a sneak preview of the exhibiton from Andreas Trogisch “Runaway” during the CEPIC Welcome Reception. The preview takes place on Tuesday 29th May starting 19:00, taking place at the GALERIE FRANZKOWIAK, located at Friedrichstrasse 76—78, 10117, Berlin.

More about the exhibition:

The exhibition “Runway” by the Berlin photographer Andreas Trogisch builds on the series “Asphalt” and “Technik” from his Desiderata series. On “asphalt,” apparently for motivic reasons, but in a different, “objective” view, without a subject-commenting change through light and shadow, moisture, perspective. With “technology”, the project has in common that it investigates the change of material through human doing. These are changes that aim at functioning in a certain way, but always have to defend against the obvious superiority of the inner and outer human nature: the failure, the decay, the arbitrariness of matter in the form of gravity, corrosion or erosion. (Note: At the same time, three further works from the series will be shown as part of the exhibition curated by Sabine Schnakenberg entitled “[Space] Street. Life. Photograph” at the Triennial of Photography in Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen. 


Image by Andreas Trogisch

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