Archived: Speaker of the Day: Aurélie Lacouchie

Aurélie Lacouchie will be speaking at The Challenge of Finding the Right Image seminar on Wednesday, June 5th at 16:30 to 17:30.
Aurélie Lacouchie has been in charge of photo, video and multimedia collections for some 15 years, working for various entities in France and abroad, such as the French Red Cross or IAU, Ile-de-France’s urban planning institute. Back from Toronto where she had the opportunity to put into practice her keen interest for visual literacy, she is now responsible for the image collections of Inria, the French national research institute in computer science and applied mathematics. 
She has always been much involved in professional organisations, as a board member of ANI, the French photo editors’ association and of Gens d’images, where she manages the Nadar Award.  
Aurelie holds a master’s degree in English studies (University of Bordeaux III / Erasmus in Cambridge) and one in information management & library science (INTD, Paris), specializing in the optimization of image resources