Archived: Speaker of the Day: Thierry Secretan



Thierry Secretan will be speaking at the Technological Solutions for the European Copyright Directive and the Fight Against Fake News seminar on Thursday, June 6th at 9:30 to 11:30am. 

Thierry Secretan, French photographer, author and documentary film director, is the author of five books, over twenty documentary films and a dozen photographic exhibitions all over the world.

He joined GAMMA photo press agency in 1979 and contributed to launching the magazine ACTUEL. He founded Gamma TV then joined Sygma TV, directing numerous documentary films for Canal+. He became editor in chief of Sygma photo agency in 1997. He later managed the salvaging of the Duggan-Cronin (1874-1954) photographic collection in South Africa with Anne Cartier-Bresson, Xavier Barral and the support of Nelson Mandela, the French Institute of South Africa and De Beers. Since 2011 he dedicates most of his time to the defense of his fellow photographers, founding the trade union PAJ ((Photographers, Authors, Journalists) — regrouping 130 of France’s most influential photojournalists. This led him to investigate and adopt for the members of PAJ the IMATAG technology — the first invisible and indelible watermark for photography and video. In 2017 he joined IMATAG as its Chief Strategy Officer.