Can Blockchain Be Applied to the Photo Industry?

Blockchain technology is the current buzzword of the picture industry. As a technology allowing to decentralise the management of information and data, it is uniquely suited to photography. On the one hand, it facilitates work registration, individual rights management and allows digital scarcity, making photographs more valuable. On the other hand it may have a disrruptive effect on the image market by decentralising the management of works and of rights. On the first day of the CEPIC Congress, we invited experts of the picture industry to discuss how blockchain can be applied to the image market. The seminar will address the possible implications blockchain holds for image agencies, photographers and image buyers.

Join us on Wednesday 30th May 2018 for this one hour seminar
from 10.00 to 11.30 in Salon 1 A of the Maritim ProArte Hotel in Berlin.
This event is part of the CEPIC Innovation Day.


The goal of the panel is to:

  • introduce blockchain technology: How does it work and what can it do in photography and for photographers?
  • explore the role of crypto-currencies in the blockchain business model
  • present existing solutions for photographers in today’s business
  • debate if blockchain technology will make picture agencies irrelevant in the new decentralised era of blockchain



Wednesday 30 May, from 10:00 to 11:30


Salon 1 A, 1st floor of Maritim ProArte Hotel



The panel will be moderated by Alexander Karst, Founder of Die Bildbeschaffer (Germany), and a critical observer of the picture market and ist evolution

 Registration at Innovation Day here