CEPIC Congress 2019: We answer your questions

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 The CEPIC Congress lasts – as in previous years – three days, from 5 to 7 June.

 On 5 June the CEPIC Congress will host PIXDAY, the largest picture buyer event in France. This means CEPIC Congress delegates and PIXDAY delegates will meet in one single venue and benefit from a diverse networking area and a tailored programme  


  • How can I register for PIXDAY and CEPIC Congress?

    If your agency does not have an office in France, register for the CEPIC Congress 2019 here. Your CEPIC Congress registration includes the admission to PIXDAY 2019 on 5 June. Aditionally, you can add a table for your meetings for the three days of Congress.

    If your agency has an office in France, you can register with one of the PIXDAY registration links. This registration includes three passes and one PIXDAY table on 5 June 2019. Do not forget to select the PIXDAY table of your choice. You can then add up to two CEPIC Congress passes for 6 and 7 June. Additionally, you can add a CEPIC table for these dates.

  • We wish to register a group of more than 3 delegates to CEPIC Congress. How should we register?
    Please contact us for a group deal. 

  • Our agency has an office in France, we will register for PIXDAY and need more than two extra CEPIC passes. What should I do?
    Please contact us for a group deal.


  • Can I use my PIXDAY Table or CEPIC Congress Table to meet PIXDAY and CEPIC Congress attendees on 5 June?
    Yes. You can use your table to meet with as many delegates (agencies and picture buyers) as you wish on 5 June.

  • I see two sections on the Table Area Plan of 5 June. One shows PIXDAY Tables and the other one CEPIC Tables. Why? 
    The PIXDAY Tables can be booked only by agencies with an office in France.

  • Why can only agencies with an office in France book a PIXDAY Table?
    In order to guarantee that traditional PIXDAY agencies attend PIXDAY 2019, the organization has reserved 23 Tables for them.     


  • Where can I see who is attending CEPIC Congress and PIXDAY? 
    In order to protect our delegates from spam and scams, CEPIC will not publish participants lists this year.
    Instead, an oline solution for registered delegates to “connect” will be available to fully paid registrations.
    This service will start in the second week of March.


  • Is CEPIC helping delegates to arrange their accommodation in Paris?
    No. Delegates must book their accommodation in Paris individually.
    CEPIC does not have any agreements or special deals with any travel agency or hotel. 

 We didn’t answer all your questions? Please write us at paris2019@cepic.org