Introducing CEPIC’s Activity In Brussels

On June 15th, CEPIC will organise two conferences which will be open to the public. We will review our activities in Brussels and what the future holds for the picture industry.

These conferences are free and will be open to the public.

Coffee and cookies all day

Thursday 15 June, 9:30 to 12:30 H

Salon 8, Salon 8 of Maritim Hotel, Berlin, Friedrichstrasse 151
12th floor

Google Workshop II

In 2014, CEPIC initiated a Google Images Workshop in Berlin. The successful event, packed with more than 100 participants, looked at Google’s dominance in search and how their features impact web traffic, keeping users in the Google universe but developing a click-copy-paste culture of “free” in the visual industry.

In 2017, these new features have come into Germany. More than ever, Google’s dominance looks unabashed and unstoppable. Is this really the case? Two panels, one in German (one hour), one in English will explore the German, European and international situation. This conference is supported by ICOMP and the Open Internet Project.

Pencil the date now. More info very soon.

Thursday 15 June , 14:00 to 15:30 H

Salon 8, Salon 8 of Maritim Hotel, Berlin, Friedrichstrasse 151
12th floor

What the Future Holds for Picture Agencies: Value generated online

Emerging Revenues from Collecting Societies  

How will photography agencies adapt in the future and to the future? The seminar will look at new ways of collecting money and at how value generated online may flow back to the content creators. Can untapped value generated online be directed back to the content providers?

Next to the recent endeavours in Germany and the US, speakers will address the new founded collecting society in the UK (PICSEL) and the new law in France on Image Search Engines.

Speakers: Anke Schierholz (VG Bildkunst) Paul Seheult  PICSEL), Thierry Maillard (ADAGP) and Eugene Mopsik (ASCRL). More speaker tba.