Moderator of the Day: Andrea Stern



Andrea Stern, visual content consultant and Director of ASA Ltd, will be moderating the Cultural Heritage Roundtable which will be held on Friday, 1st June from 11:15 to 12:45 as part of the CEPIC Congress 2018.

Andrea has worked in both the commercial and cultural heritage sectors for many years. She was former Director of Assets and Rights Management and Head of V&A Images at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and prior to that co-founder and director of photo agency ASAP, Israel.  Currently under ASA Ltd., Andrea offers the services of image industry consultancy to the commercial and heritage sectors, including Oxford University Images, Imperial War Museum, Museum of English Rural Life, and stock agencies such as StockTrek, Superstock and Pickit.

Currently, Andrea, together with Mary Egan of MBE Media, and Creative Licensing have ventured on the creation of The Gateway: Community History of Britain, the digital image aggregation service for the cultural sector.