Moderators of the CEPIC Seminar Sessions on Google: Michael Weber and Sylvie Fodor


Michael Weber (ICOMP, OIP) and Sylvie Fodor (CEPIC) will be moderating the CEPIC Seminar Session on Google which will be held on Thursday 15th June 2017 in Berlin at the Martim ProArte Hotel.

Michael Weber
Michael Weber has been the Director of the online mapping company Hot Map since 2003, a multi-language website which features interactive versions of real print cartography of select places worldwide. Additionally, Michael is the VP European Affairs at Euro-Cities AG. He serves on the ICOMP Council since 2011. In the 1990ies Michael was Director at a Germany-wide local business and tourism publisher. Michael’s group has been running some of the largest map and business listing websites since the 1990ies, empowering classic map publishers small or large to bring their maps to consumers online, and protect their intellectual property. Michael has filed Hot Map German and EU anti-trust complaints against Google, as well as a lawsuit in Hamburg valued at 1,25 million euros questioning Google’s AdWords ‘Auction’ system.

Sylvie Fodor
Sylvie is CEPIC‘s Executive Director. She started her career in the picture business at AKG in Berlin, Germany, where she gained first hand experience in the management of historical picture archives and the clearing of images rights. She got involved with CEPIC as early as 1996. She was key to the development of the European association, managing the annual congress since 2002 and developing an extended worldwide network in the picture industry. Sylvie is in charge of CEPIC policies at European level, focusing on the protection of content online in a fair online environment. She was council member at ICOMP between 2009 and 2015. Sylvie holds a degree in political sciences from the Institut d‘Etudes Politiques de Paris and as well as a masters degree in international and European law from the Sorbonne University.