Speaker of the Day: Pierre Pankotay


Pierre Pankotay, entrepreneur, picture editor and photographer, he will be speaking at the seminar Raising the Bar – How to Grow Your Photography Business which is part of the CEPIC Innovation Day. The seminar will held at the Martim proArte Hotel in Berlin on 30 May 2018.

Since mid 80’s Pierre started to work as a photojournalist, and travelled the world to bring back strong stories to the editorial market.vHe was represented by two agencies (Imapress for the French market and Gamma for his worldwide distribution). After 15 years on the road as a freelancer, he decided to keep on working in the photo industry, not as a producer but to work for the photography community and to bring opportunities to the photographers to better monetize their production.He became entrepreneur and build one of the very first 100% digital photo agency in France representing hundreds of photographers all around the globe, but also celebrity photo agencies as well as top famous and historical archives such as Life Magazine. After 9 years as a CEO, he sold his agency to join Agence VU as the Director of Development. Then, he created WorldAssignment company and 3 years ago, he built another StarUp focusing on traveling photo exhibitions, giving the opportunity to collectors and photo lovers to buy limited edition prints exclusively from exhibitions, directly from the artists.

He has recently successfully crowdfunded the production and distribution on a book on BIKERS – a two years work among the french biker gangs mostly linked to the Hells Angels.