Table Area and Branding

CEPIC Congress 2014 - Table Area Berlin cropped

The Table Area is the largest networking area at the CEPIC Congress. 

By booking an Exhibtor’s Table or Business Room at Congress you can hold meetings in your own networking space, you profit from recognition on the Full Participants Lists, on the printed Congress brochure and become more noticeable on Congress signage. 

If you wish to increase your company’s profile by placing standing roll-ups or banners behind your Table, you can book one Table Plus (4, 6, 8, 11)

Check out our  Table Area Plan 2017

Banners and roll-ups are produced and brought to the venue by the Table holder.

Banner size: not wider than 180 cm and not higher than 200 cm.

Please note that it is not allowed to place banners or roll-ups next to other tables, because – due to the table distribution – they hide neighbouring tables.

If a Table Plus is not an option for you, these are other (free) ways to make your table more noticeable:

- Bring your own Table banner or Table cloth (table size 180 x 80 cm).

- Rent a monitor to show your images.

Please contact us for any questions regarding Table booking and branding.

Thank you for booking a Exhibitor’s Table at the CEPIC Congress 2017!

Example of Table banner:

CEPIC 2014 Berlin, Germany