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Members of the European Parliament explore digital territories … Is the Picture Industry being ignored?

On March 31st 2017, the representation of the European Parliament in France invited representatives of the creative industry to meet three members of the European Parliament in order to exchange views on the “Digital Agenda”: Virginie Rozières, Constance Le Grip and Jean-Marie Cavada.

The conference took place in the fairly recently inaugurated “incubateur” “Le Cargo”.

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Constance Le Grip was the only MEP able to make it to Paris on that day – after all, the “Ile de France” is her constituancy – She expressed her support for the creative industries and her understanding of the online eco-system, the role played by online services and the fact that  platforms should take more responsibility in the sharing of value on the Internet.

Several industries outlined their views on the proposals put forward by the European Commission: the Copyright Package. Besides institutional representatives from the European Parlialent or the French Ministry of Culture, the panel comprised representatives of the music industry, the film industry, the audio-visual industry, also representatives of dramatic art.

From the picture industry, as the main casualty of piracy on the Internet? Nobody.

Thiery Secrétan, president of PAJ, photo-journalists association in France and Sylvie Fodor, exective director of CEPIC, European trade association of the picture business, stood up to express their surprise and concern. Agnès Defaux, legal counssel of SAIF took the floor and reminded that a law has been passed in France obliging image search engines to pay for the re-use of photographs (More information HERE).

 Photo: Thierry Secrétan

Photo: Thierry Secrétan


La photographie, le parent pauvre des industries de la création …