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By Sylvie Fodor This blog collects funny and less funny stories from the picture business. It is regularly up-dated. Send us your posts!

New story (January 2017)

Beauty close-up of lips with high-sheen lipstick


  • Thai hostess with glamourous life style but photoshoped pirated visual content attracts 150.000 followers on Instagram. Until she has to delete her account.

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  • US Presidential Elections

Is Donald Trump a pirate too? The “Bowl of Skittles” image used in an advertisement campaign against Syrian refugees is being sued for copyright infringement.

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Older stories

  • Spoted on Google’s street view :twisted: 

Over-zealous Google protects #privacy of of a cow. More on BBC Click here

  • Facebook categorizes Napalm iconic Vietnam war picture of photographer Nick Ut as pornography

The Gardian reports Click Here

  • Brexit story 2

Right to One’s Image is still relevant. Team GB threatens to sue Brexit campaigners over Olympic video as Silver medal-winning cyclist objects to his image being used by pro-Leave group.

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  • ##Brexit story 1

Nissan sues Leave campaign for using their brand. Make sure you use the right photos when there is a logo! 

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  • This story is not one of misuse of an image, rather if what happens when images are used too many times, in particular stock images for editorial usage … 8-) 

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  • A normal piracy story on the Internet

This blog story (for German readers only …) is interresting, not because it is unusual but precisely because it has become so usual …

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  • Good faith is not enough as a defense 8-) 

Two French companies produce without authorization T-shirts displaying the famous picture of Che Gevara by Korda. They say they downloaded the picture from a Canadian website providng “royalty free”, “libre de droit”, content. Too bad the photo is protected and being a

good-faith user is not enough as a defense says the Court.
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  • Stolen pictures for an ad campaign :-x 

We did our best to find the photographer” is not an excuse as this is not that complicated to find photographers, especially when you know their names. Come on …

To read about this case: here

  • Facebook uses picture of dead girl for advertising of dating site :-x 

There are many issues related to Facebook’s new privacy policies. This case blatantly illustrates just one amongst them. Click here

  • Personality rights do matter

Woman sues major picture agency after a picture of her appears in an anti-HIV advert.

Click here.

  • Sara Palin

Even politicians don’t seem to know how to handle pictures. Sara Palins is being sued for copyright infringement.

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  • Elections in Germany

Very unfortunate: ahead of the upcoming Bundestag elections in Germany, both the liberal and right extremist parties FDP and NPD find themselves using for their campaign a video clip showing the same family, which on top of this was previously to be seen in an advertising for Finnish yoguhrt!

Click here to see clip (in German)

  • A stolen photo becomes a contest winner.

Click here to know how.

  • Murdered boy advertises for kindergarten

The jazz festival of Montreux aplogized for the use of the image of a small murderd boy, Gregory. He had been murdered in France in the 1980s. A 20-year old graphic designer downloaded the picture from Google Images. The picture of the 4-year old was used in the festival’s magazine, proudly advertising for their Kindergarten! Here is the link to the story (in German).

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