2016 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award

 The winner of the 2016 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award is announced at the World Architecture Festival

The overall winner of the Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award in association with Sto and supported by the World Architecture Festival is Matt Emmett

Matt Emmett had the highest scoring image overall with this image of the East London Water Works Company covered reservoir in Finsbury Park.  


 The winner of the 2016 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award
Photographer: Matt Emmett
Building: Covered Reservoir, Finsbury Park, London
Architect: East London Water Works Company 1868

This year’s winner sees a first for the Arcaid awards in the form of the subject being an historic location. The image of the ‘Covered Reservoir’ by Matt Emmett captured the imagination of the delegates at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin.  One voter, Dr Eva-Maria Barkhofen, Head of the Architecture Archive at the Akademie der Künste was heard saying it reminded her of a Piranesi.

 Paul Finch of WAF announced the winner at the Gala Dinner of the World Architecture Festival in Berlin. It was accepted by Lynne Bryant, founder of Arcaid Images; and Ulrike Stotmeister, member of the Stotmeister family. Lynne Bryant will present the prize to the winner.

The prize for this prestigious award is $3,000, exposure in the exhibition in London and Berlin, and all the media coverage about the awards.

The 2016 judges are:
  • Emily Booth, Executive Editor, The Architectural Review
  • Amy Croft, Artist and curator of Sto Werkstatt, London
  • Katy Harris, Communications Director, Foster + Partners, London
  • Kai-Uwe Bergmann, Partner at BIG
  • Fernando Guerra, Architectural Photographer, Portugal
  • Ulrich Müller, Photographer and founder of the Architektur Galerie, Berlin
Each judge was asked to look beyond the architecture, consider the composition, use of scale and  the photographers sensitivity to atmosphere and sense of place.









 Judge Ulrich Müller, Architect and Director at Architektur Galerie Berlin commented, “The breadth of architectural photography presented to us was amazing. With their own distinctive view the photographers opened our eyes for a second time and helped us to discover things we hadn’t previously appreciated. I found this extremely enriching”.  

View the full shortlist of 20 images

The experience of architecture for the majority of people is via images. The architecture itself is the focus and the image regarded only as the medium. The Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award aims to put the focus onto the skill and creativity of the photographer. 

Our contributors, photographers and institutions are global. Arcaid’s founder photographer, Richard Bryant trained as an architect, that puts Arcaid’s roots squarely in the architecture forum. 


The shortlisted entries alongside the winning image will feature in an exhibition ‘Building Images’ at Sto Werkstatt, London during February 2017.

The images will also feature in an exhibition at: Architektur Galerie in Berlin, during March 2017










Arcaid Images presents its first book:

Architectural Photography Awards 2012–2015,

published by Edition Axel Menges. Buy the book here











The 2015 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Award was sponsored by STO and the World Architecture Festival

Download the winning image and book cover 

These images are only available for publication in association with the 2016 Arcaid Images Architectural Photographer of the Year award.  Any further use will incur a fee.  Ensure each photographer and architect are credited.