agefotostock appoints Yolanda Sandoval as Business Development Manager

Following the launch of agefotostock’s new website that simplifies their business in three primary business areas, Press, Creative and Economic imagery, what has always been a creative stock photography agency, now appoints Yolanda Sandoval for their office in Madrid to handle the business development of a crucial business area that they have recently branched into.

Yolanda Sandoval holds a degree in Documentation issued by the University of Alcala de Henares, as well as a diploma in Bibliotheconomy issued by the University of Carlos III. Having dedicated the main part of her career to working in press agencies in Madrid and used to the stringent work regime required of a multitasking sales person, Yolanda reveals a determined character and a highly effective work capacity, establishing long-lasting and trusting relationships with customers.

Alfonso Gutierrez, CEO of agefotostock said about Yolanda Sandoval, “We have been trying for some time to find a dedicated and hard-working professional with a profound knowledge of the press-news market in Spain. Having just started this new area in our company, we are determined to carve out a portion of this market, and although we know that the press market in Spain is already established by existing competitors, we believe we have a space considering our global offer and resolute technology support. I think Yolanda will do well with us.”

When asked how she feels coming from the most prominent photo agency in the world to working in a more modest company, Yolanda replied: “This could be a new challenge for me after working for so many years in a massive organization, but I’ve worked in smaller press agencies in Madrid before, so I would say I can adapt to sizes, commitments, and needs. Perhaps the difference is that in a smaller privately-owned organization you can establish better personal relationships, and take away all the corporate hierarchy will lead to faster and more agile decision-making. I´m very enthusiastic about the possibilities, and I´m looking forward to the professional challenges this new opportunity will entail.”

A huge fan of the cinema and books, she likes to keep up to date with Spanish and international celebrities, as well as general and popular culture, closely following the calendar of events related to them. With 20 years of experience in this industry, 10 of them working in Getty Images’ Spanish office, she offers a curriculum vitae that would support agefotostock in finding a space in the highly competitive Press & News market in Spain. We wish Yolanda all the luck and joy on her new perspective.

Yolanda Sandoval

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