Alfonso Gutierrez, Speaker of the CEPIC Cultural Heritage Webinar


Alfonso Gutierrez will be speaking at the CEPIC Cultural Heritage Webinar: 
Challenges and Opportunities of Selling Cultural Heritage Images on 16 February 2021.

Alfonso Gutierrez founded his company, agefotostock, more than 47 years ago. He, a former Chemist, decided to stop working in the pharmaceutical industry to become a photographer and produce what he wanted to shoot and sell the results afterward. There was no business intention then or now to become number one of anything, only the desire to enjoy photography. Today, Alfonso Gutierrez is still personally editing close to a million images a year that agefotostock receives from their suppliers, managing a company that distributes over 119 million from diverse collections and many photographers. His company helps companies in different Continents work using an aggregation platform called THP (Technological Hosting Platform). The THP sets up how millions of images flow seamlessly from storage to clients. Satisfaction is the word that best describes Alfonso’s history; create a place to work in what satisfies the team at all times in history.