ARDITO: Upgrading the Internet

Final Conference at the Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre on 19 June 2018

ARDITO no longer a project, but a service!

We are happy to announce that the “ARDITO: Upgrading the Internet” conference on 19 June was a success! Thanks to everyone who contributed and participated, and especially to our guest and keynote speaker MEP Henna Virkkunen.

Angela Mills-Wade (Director at Europe Analytica) and Paola Mazzucchi (ARDITO Project Manager) introduced the audience to the ARDITO project and its main objective, which is to connect consumers and rightsholders in the digital world. ‘Let’s use the internet for what it is really good at,’ said Mills-Wade.

The Finnish MEP Henna Virkkunen followed, giving a vibrant keynote speech and putting ARDITO into the broader context of digitisation and innovation in the European Digital Single Market. She complimented the achievements that ARDITO has made possible and agreed that ARDITO is no longer just a project, but a readily available service. She called for innovation-friendly and technology-neutral regulation, to allow for legal certainty and encourage investment in education, research and skills.

ARDITO project partners showcased their innovative tools and services to manage rights data of creative content, and highlighted the diverse applications of such services for all stakeholders in different sectors, from publishing to audiovisual, and especially their potential uses for SMEs. A Q&A session was held to close the presentation.

A final panel discussion looked into the potential impact that these tools may have on the rights permission systems and copyright system at the EU level. They concluded that several tools and services are now provided for eCopyright, and there is now the need to educate critical users.

If you want to know more, please find the press release at the link below, together with the speakers’ presentations:

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*ARDITO is a Horizon 2020-funded project, Grant agreement n. 731760

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