CEPIC is pleased to welcome TongRo Images as a new member!

We, TongRo Images Inc., are creating and producing stock-images in Korea and contributing it to the global and distributing it to in Korea since 1995.

We have been developing and owned the creating to licensing images full process system, at our own platform.

TongRo_Logo (2)

  • The Main elements of the Creating to Licensing images full process system:

50 employees

Graphic arts in-house and outside team

Photo arts in-house and outside team

Web arts in-house and outside team

IT team and Global marketing team.

Legal team

  • The contents:

Photos, Graphic-illustration, composite, painting, 3D, Web-frame, UI, template and Font, Design sources for publishing, pop and etc.

Accumulated 500,000 copyrighted images

Producing Per year 70,000 images

  • Our platforms:
  1. www.clipartkorea.co.kr (Top ranking in Korea based on www.rankey.com )
  2. www.imagetody.co.kr 
  3. www.imagekorea.co.kr



Jiye Hyun primary contact

International relations



Add: TONGRO BLDG, #3-6 Supyo-Ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul 100861, Korea.