CEPIC Membership Announcement: Pixelrights

CEPIC Membership Announcement: Pixelrights

CEPIC Membership Announcement

We’re delighted to welcome a new member to the CEPIC family – Pixelrights.

Pixelrights is an innovative UK based SAAS Company, founded by Shaun Curry, former Agence France-Presse news wire photojournalist.

Pixelrights has established a global community of photographers subscribing to their unique portfolio website service, and in the process developed a new patent-pending image format for the Internet – The ‘Smart Frame’.

The ‘Smart frame’ represents a huge leap forward for our industry and overcoming the challenge of copyright infringements. This new technology provides greater control and security options for your content, raises awareness to copyright ownership and substantially reduces infringements, whilst providing an easy path to purchase.

Pixelrights are now licensing this technology to picture agencies and beyond in order to help stamp out copyright theft, reduce the administration burden of chasing infringements, and boost sales.

For further info: www.pixelrights.com/smartframe

Shaun will be one of our panelists at the CEPIC Congress seminar this year; “Catch me if you can” talking about the best practices in protecting your copyright. 9am-11am on Friday 27th May.

Pixelrights have also booked the Zagreb meeting room for the 3 days of the Congress, where their directors will be available for private pre-booked appointments. As you can imagine their diary is filing fast, so if you would like a personal meeting with them whilst at the congress, to discover more about this new image technology, then please contact them directly to reserve an appointment.

For private appointment bookings: cepic.bookings@pixelrights.com

If you are unable to secure a private appointment with the directors, then you can still meet with the Pixelrights team and discover more about the ‘Smart Frame’ technology by visiting them on table 29 in the Grand Ball room.