CEPIC comments on Google's proposed remedies within anti-trust investigations

May 28. 2013

On 27 May 2013 CEPIC submitted own comments to the remedies proposed by Google within the anti-trust investigations led by the European Commission since 2010.

In Europe, Google dominates between 90% to 95% of the search market.

Not market dominance, but abuse of the dominat position is liable according to EU competition rules.

In total 22 organisations haved filed complaints against Google alleging an illegal abuse of market dominance under European Law. Amongst them are ICOMP (of which CEPIC is a member), Microsoft, Foundem, Hotmaps, the Spanish publisher association as well as the German Press Publisher associations BDZV and VDZ. CEPIC submitted its position as a third-party non complainant.

The proposed remedies are inappropriate and contain numerous deficiencies. Infact, if implemented the commitments would probably hurt website publishers and content providers even more than GOOGLE's present conduct. Therefore, we expect the Commission to reject the commitment proposals made by GOOGLE in their entirety


In November 2010, the European Commission opened formal anti-trust investigations against Google. After two years of investigations, the Commission has reached the preliminary conclusion that in four areas Google might be abusing its dominant position.

  • Preferential treatment. Google displays links to its own products in a more attractive way than it does for links to competitors
  • Content scraping. Google copies content from other websites and uses it in its own offerings (user reviews or news articles) without prior authorization
  • Exclusivity agreements. De facto exclusivity requirements between Google and partners on the websites of which Google delivers search advertisements
  • Data portability restriction..Google restricts the portability of online search advertising campaigns from its platform AdWords to the platforms of competitors

In April 2013, Google proposed a number of committments for a period of five years to remedy these concerns.
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The Commission put the committment to a market test with answers expected until 27. May (prolonged until 27. June)
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