COPYTRACK: Welcome to a new CEPIC Member


CEPIC is pleased to welcome COPYTRACK as a new member. Copytrack has become of one of the worldwide leading image theft detection and copyright services, providing an extremely powerful, worldwide image search. The Copytrack offer supports picture agencies, publishers, photographers, and e-commerce providers.

Highlights are:

  • Free Account & up to 70% payout

  • Unlimited image upload

  • Fair post-licensing approach

  • Servicing over 140 countries and in 12 languages

  • Zero risk legal enforcement

These services are backed by

  • high-performance web crawler

  • unique image matching engine

  • automatic securing of evidence

  • automatic rights clearing portal

  • highest PCI security standards

About the service

Photos uploaded by the users are located by Copytrack with a hit accuracy of 98 per cent. The customers can then define if images are with or without a license, and even determine the number of subsequent fees, supported by an automatic license calculator.

Copytrack is fully responsible for out-of-court resolutions in over 140 countries, as well as legal resolutions in the relevant areas of copyright law. If the friendly post-licensing process has been successful, the rights holder receives up to 70 per cent of the agreed sum. The search function is completely free of charge.


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