Dreamstime upgrades search engine with localized functions enhancing content diversity & relevancy

NASHVILLE, Tenn., October 20, 2021. Dreamstime, the world’s largest stock photo community, announces important unique-in-the-industry search updates, enabling its customers to enjoy regionally specific content and a more diverse, personalized search feed.

Hosting a library of 173 million visuals and the world’s largest client database in stock photography, the agency upgraded its multi-tiered search engine with specific localization criteria as part of its ongoing efforts to increase content relevancy and answer the market’s need for optimized regional content.

The improved engine now integrates data-driven search metrics and AI-powered processes that drill into client localization and behavior, correlated with the visuals’ geographical and seasonal popularity to give Dreamstime users access to the most relevant and representative content for their area and time of the year. Searches on “school,” “ocean,” or “home” now rely on dynamic local market specifics that go beyond metadata associations and popularity to include regionally assorted results with a sense of immediacy customers find easy to relate to.

The upgrade also addresses the ongoing industry conversation on stereotypes and the authentic representation of life and people by applying localization criteria and boosting local content exposure. With diversity still being underrepresented in its many walks of life in stock photography, the improvement allows creatives faster access to a customized, regionally diverse feed, easing the selection of the visuals that best and accurately represent their targeted audiences. Based on users’ localization, search results on “business people,” for example, will better reflect the racial and ethnic diversity in the populace. Searches for terms such as “bride,” “groom,” or “wedding” will return more inclusive results, related not only to the models’ ethnicity or gender but also to other culturally diverse elements such as traditional dressing and settings.

‘With today’s massive influx of premium content, it is important to choose rapidly the best visual for your brand and customers. Our latest search enhancements are about filtering and helping you narrow down the selection. They add granularity using reliable AI-backed data, ultimately pinpointing the content with the highest performance and representation potential in your geographical area. Searches will return differentiated results that are also diversely representative for countries such as the US, South Africa, Denmark, India, or any other country, where we speak of significant differences in demographics, economics, climate, culture, etc. Moreover, this is personalized yet anonymous, ensuring our customers’ data remain confidential. As more data gets collected, the AI models deliver improved accuracy and reduced bias for searches over time,” says Serban Enache, Dreamstime’s CEO and co-founder.

This regional search upgrade compliments Dreamstime’s overall custom-made search engine, the DreamFinder™, curates search experiences and expedites customer decision-making, with built-in localization, popularity, and seasonality filters synchronized to return the best content at the right time. It applies across virtually all stock photo search subjects, from model images to landscapes and tech backgrounds, delivering a more authentic regional search experience. As the AI gathers more data, the search becomes unique to every country in the world.