Extensive annual update for media search engine my-picturemaxx

Munich, 28 January 2020

Extensive annual update for media search engine my-picturemaxx

Finding the right picture has never been easier

Munich-based picturemaxx AG, market leader in the images industry, has equipped its successful media search engine with a new feature. The new Matrix-Filter in my-picturemaxx 5.1 makes professional image searching even easier and more effective. For the first time, all available special filters can be mapped using one tool.

With the professional meta search engine my-picturemaxx, you can find and present images from various sources and across many collections with just one search. It’s a great time-saver for editors and art buyers. In order to achieve the best search results, the lowest common denominator of all connected media providers was previously considered the ideal solution. Search filters and categories were statically aligned with the features that all media providers could serve. Individual special filters, such as those offered by stock photo agencies with food, film, people, historical or botanical material, fell by the wayside. 

Matrix-Filter significantly improves search results

The new my-picturemaxx Matrix-Filter turns this principle upside down through the search options. The user first selects the media providers they want to search. The Matrix-Filter then additionally suggests the special filters that these media providers provide. If the user selects such a filter, a matching of identical special topics takes place in the background and the search is carried out with those providers who certainly have results for this query.

Media research thus leads to accurate results even faster. The particular advantage of the matrix search is that the user does not have to know which special filters are offered by which supplier. As an additional option, the individual filters are available with each search and adapt dynamically depending on the selection of providers. The classic filtering by the picturemaxx media filter is still retained.

“It was very important to us to combine the usefulness of a single website with the advantages of a comprehensive search. In this way, we offer our customers from leading publishing houses, advertising agencies and freelancers from the graphics and image editing sectors in equal measure considerable added value,” notes Marcin Czyzewski, CTO and member of the board of picturemaxx AG.

Gentle redesign of my-picturemaxx

In bundling the filter options, version 5.1 also features a gentle redesign. The search results are presented in a larger and clearer way. The operation of my-picturemaxx has been made more intuitive. For example, new sidebars have been introduced which allow the various windows to be shown and hidden at once with a mouse click.

In my-picturemaxx, the entire procurement process for media is optimized, from the search function itself in a professional and legally secure framework and its use and billing to reuse within the company. This enables simple, centralized control through which an overview is maintained and user rights efficiently managed.

The whole world of images in one media network: picturemaxx

With my-picturemaxx, media buyers get access to the picturemaxx media network, which in turn opens up immense worlds of hundreds of stock photo agencies, archives and content portals. Thus, my-picturemaxx provides editorial offices and creative departments with all functions for setting up or expanding their own central media network. The entire range of offers, especially images and videos, is searchable with just one click of the mouse.

My-picturemaxx 5.1 offers freelancers, sole proprietors and service providers the opportunity to connect with their respective clients for media searches without effort, switch between individual projects and, if desired, purchase media through the respective cost centers.

New customers have the opportunity to enter the image search with my-picturemaxx with one to a maximum of two free licenses and convince themselves of the advantages. The offer is valid until the end of the year. Image licenses are not included and can be purchased from the respective providers.

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