Dreamstime is taking corporate responsibility one step further

After introducing a series of features for their members during the COVID-19 pandemic and a weekly donation of 5% from all sales to the WHO’s Solidarity Response Fund in March, Dreamstime is now taking corporate responsibility further and adds a relief stimulus for its contributors.

Wishing to make a positive difference for their creative community, the agency announces an increase of 10% of the royalties value, which is to be awarded from all purchases made beginning with June 1st. The increase will be applied to all royalties generated by purchases made after the announced date, regardless of the contributors’ exclusive or non-exclusive status.

As we’re beginning to experience the economic aftermath of the pandemic, businesses should rise to this momentum’s challenge with innovative corporate responsibility measures. While donations remain the handiest strategy, it is now imperative that Dreamstime also focuses on community-centered strategies and develop initiatives that benefit and improve our members’ long term chances, Dreamstime’s CEO Serban Enache explains.

The stock photo industry has experienced its share of economic contraction however, the agency remains optimistic and hopes to pay its contributors the increased royalties until the end of the pandemic. We believe that where companies are in a position to help others, leniency, generosity, and philanthropy are never to be undervalued! Dreamstime’s CEO says.

Many companies everywhere are committing to continually support employees financially and while Dreamstime is already doing this for their full-time employees, it is now adding an extra 10% financial incentive for the +620,000 creative community. Because no matter how small, all help matters.

Other pandemic relief measures taken by Dreamstime in March include options for active subscribers to pause download plans and free subscriptions for NGOs looking for visuals.