Getty Images launch campagin to approve new Copyright Directive

Getty Images have joined the cause to improve copyright online with their new campaign to encourage users to support the Copyright Directive. Read the original post below.

Make your creative voice count:

Tell Members of the European Parliament to approve the proposed new Copyright Directive

In early July, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will vote on proposed new copyright laws (in the form of a new EU Copyright Directive) that could positively impact visual content creators.

The proposed change would require certain internet platforms to be more accountable for unlicensed copyrighted content that’s uploaded, distributed, and published via their platforms. Because there are currently no safeguards, you as a visual content creator aren’t easily able to be credited and paid for your work, while others profit.

Getty Images, along with CEPIC and others in our industry, firmly supports the proposed new Copyright Directive because we believe that without compensation, creativity and commerce cannot thrive.

We urge you to lend your voice to ours by following these simple steps:

Please read and sign the petition letter TODAY on the website, urging MEPs to protect content creators and their work.

Find out more:

Thank you for your support. Don’t hesitate to share it with your peers as well!

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