Google Image Workshop To Take Place At CEPIC Congress 2018


image by agefotostock

Since 2013, CEPIC has been fighting to improve the functionalities of the Google Image Search in order to reduce image piracy online and direct Internet users to the source of the image. Finally, in 2017, several meetings took place in Berlin and Paris bringing together representatives of Google and representatives of visual authors and businesses. CEPIC took part in all of these meetings.

In February 2018, Google introduced a number of changes in its image search, such as the removal of the “View Image” Button.

Partnership between Google and CEPIC at CEPIC Congress 2018

This year, at the CEPIC Congress, Google is partnering with CEPIC to answer the most pressing questions about Google Image Search. On Thurday, 31 May 2018, Google will present the one-hour workshop Understanding Google Image Search and How to Optimize For It which will be held at the Maritim ProArte Hotel in Berlin from 15:00 to 16:15. Google will present the latest developments on Google Images that serve “to strike a balance between serving user needs and publisher concerns“.

The workshop will be immediately followed by a panel on “SmartPhotos and Smart Search Engines” from 16.30 H to 18.00 H Speakers from Google, Luca Forlin, and Qwant, Stan Assier, will show how their search engines process photos found on the web and how they present search results. 

This session is part of the CEPIC Congress but is exceptionally open to the public. If you wish to get an invitation for the Afternoon Session and the Google Image Search Workshop on Thursday 31 May, please contact us at