Have the photographers document the corona crisis!

Have the photographers document the corona crisis

Written by Kent Hirsch on April 2, 2020

Two of the leading industry organizations in photography, Image Suppliers’ Association – BLF and Journalistförbundet – SJF launches a labor market and cultural policy proposal that would enable many of the country’s professional photographers to work instead of being dependent on grants.

The project Corona image Sweden can give freelance photographers work and facilitate something for the country’s crisis newspapers, while the state fulfills its duty of information for future generations. The images are saved for research purposes.

The proposal is to be regarded as a time-limited emergency work where the country’s freelance professional photographers can document the corona crisis in all its forms. Employed photographers can also participate in the project if their employers support it. This means that all photographic companies that provide the country with pictures can apply to Corona image Sweden and thereby receive a state compensation if they are accepted into the project.

The proposal means that the administration of and remuneration for Corona image Sweden will be handled by the Image Copyright Act in Sweden. BLF and SJF will handle the application process if the proposal goes through. The proposal for the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Culture can be read here.

Stockholm, April 2, 2020.

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