Léon Herschtritt (1936-2020)

The agency La Collection is very sad to announce the death of Léon Herschtritt, on 21 November 2020 à Paris.

 The agency la Collection represents Léon Herschtritt exclusively since 2008.

“Humanist Photographer” was the name often used to describe his art, and it was not a superficial term.”

Sensitive, Léon always had a sincere and sharp eye for the Other: a mischievous kid from Algeria, Serge Gainsbourg lost in his melancholy, young women from Berlin with their hearts torn apart in front of the Wall, Chirac, flying over the steps, carried away by his energy. To the Other, to the ineffable Human… His humour, his sparkling and mocking eye, his kindness, his sense of hospitality, as we already miss … Farewell dear Leon.

Véronique Martingay, Hervé Mouriacoux, Florence Briand et Remo Pittiglio 

A major retrospective was organized by François Cheval at the Nicéphore Niépce Museum in 2016: The end of a world. Léon Herschtritt “Christmas in Berlin 1961″ was exhibited at CEPIC Congress in Dresden in 2009. Photo: « On the roof», Christmas in Berlin, 1961. Berg Strasse / Bernauer Strasse

Herschtritt, Léon. Berlin. "Sur le toit". Bergstrasse. 1961. Photographie. Collection particulière.