New Stock Photo Service PicturEngine Brings Buyers And Sellers Together

Search Engine Empowers Agencies, Designers and Photographers with One Search

AUSTIN, Texas (Nov. 2016) –, the world’s largest stock photography search engine, launches this month, connecting content creators and sellers directly to image buyers looking for a comprehensive all-in-one search. PicturEngine’s creator, Justin Brinson, redefined the stock photo search and created a discovery experience that delivers relevant pictures quickly and easily.

“Visual media plays an increasingly larger role in our lives, yet finding relevant visual content in this rapidly expanding industry continues to be a challenge,” Brinson said. “Rather than repeating an image search with a dozen stock photo agencies, PicturEngine combs through the entire stock photography industry in just one search. Finding the perfect image is finally easy and enjoyable.”

By seamlessly searching more than 500 million unique images from more than 65 stock photo agencies and hundreds—soon to be thousands—of individual photographers, buyers experience the best, most organized and user-friendly search in the industry.

“PicturEngine is designed to be a quick, one-stop shop for those seeking visual content,” Brinson said. “From big general stock agencies to small niche agencies and individual photographers, PicturEngine searches every image and presents the results without bias or duplication.”

Brinson says PicturEngine is built to evolve and adapt as the industry does.

“New pricing models and increasing image sources are no problem for PicturEngine,” Brinson said. “We’re searching images in near real-time and can easily adapt to the growing industry; change is the one thing we know is constant.”

PicturEngine’s key differentiation point—an unbiased search—provides image buyers with more effective results because advertisers cannot pay to gain higher rankings above the organic results within the system. 

“Everyone is equal in our search, so with PicturEngine, the best image wins,” Brinson said.