New Year, New Image Source.

Image Source has completed its second move this year to its now permanent residence at 66 Old Compton Street – the former home of a cardinal London creative icon, Rushes Post-Production House – right in the heart of Soho.  The move to a larger and more modern creative space is the first of many new initiatives for the premium agency which was bought back by its Founder, Christina Vaughan together with professional Investor and successful businessman, Michael Jackson at the beginning of 2018.

Image Source is restoring its status as the leading premium stock photo production agency in the world, with the company originally incorporated 20 years ago in 1998.  Its established team possess a wealth of experience and knowledge in producing top selling content in the premium Creative Stills space for a diverse global audience.  Image Source represents a network of over 700 award-winning professional photographers together with emerging talent representing a new zeitgeist of content creator.  With plans already in place to re-platform and challenge the industry rules in 2019, expect to see many innovative developments and new streams of creativity coming from an esteemed group of seasoned professionals working with a new raft of talent externally and internally.

2018 has been a year of evolution, growth and re-invigoration, with in-depth analysis of new creative trends and ways to challenge the status quo in visual communication. The new leadership is supporting plans for the company’s evolution as it pioneers ways of embracing change in the visual communications industry and other new platforms.  The future is looking very bright and exciting for Image Source and its global team.

“Environment and working space are important” says Founder and Chief Executive, Christina Vaughan. “We are excited to be in our new home in the hub of all the creativity of Soho. This is just the first step of our exciting new growth plan which sees us hiring new talent and reinvigorating all our creative platforms.”




About Image Source:

Image Source offers an esteemed, art director-driven curated collection of imagery with high production values, and the highest standard of legal and technical hygiene within the industry. With a global client base across 80 countries licensing its premium content for advertising, publishing and editorial for almost two decades.