NL Image cease activity

NL Image cease activity

After 23 years of activity in the imaging branch, the Dutch trade association of the Netherlands, NLimage, is formally disincorporated in March 2016 via a vote from the members.

In the beginning of its existence, the association primarily had a controlling role in overseeing ‘good practise’ in the competitive environment. After the digital switch, increased visibility, reproduction ease and online logistics decreased the need for staff rapidly. The need to unify as a collective voice slowly waned, despite several larger public projects the association organized.

NLimage has always taken a strong stand towards increasing copyright awareness, both on supplier side as on client side. From reactions from the public, it became clear that the area of copyrights still raises more questions than was expected from supplier-side.
Besides acting locally, NLimage has always endorsed the actions taken by Cepic, especially on the level of the lobby for copyrights to the European decision making on copyright reform.

It is with regret, therefore, I announce the ending of the trade association of the image sector of the Netherlands; a practical end to a formal association, a symbolic transition of Dutch photography as an icon of a critical, creative society to mainstream accessibility.

An ending will almost certainly lead to a new start; an answer to the rapid changes the media is going through in relation to its market. It is time to make room for that new start.

Jeroen Paling 
former president of NLimage