Orangenius and ImageRights Partner to Protect Intellectual Property of Visual Artists

NEW YORK/BOSTON — (September 19, 2017) Orangenius, an online social network platform for the creative community, has partnered with ImageRights International to develop a program to protect the intellectual property of visual artists.

Orangenius is a New York-based technology startup that offers a revolutionary online business and collaborative community for artists and creatives to show and share work. ImageRights International is a Boston-based company that provides image search and copyright enforcement services to photographers and agencies worldwide.

The two companies will offer quick and easy online registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, content search, and copyright enforcement services to solve one of the creative industry’s most pressing issues — protecting artists’ intellectual property,” said ImageRights founder and CEO, Joe Naylor.

Through its in-house license compliance team and global network of legal partners, ImageRights negotiates copyright infringement cases via direct settlement or court proceedings, as necessary, without its clients bearing any of the upfront costs or financial risks of pursuing claims.

In addition to copyright enforcement services, ImageRights is the only company to have fully automated copyright registration with the U.S. Copyright Office. This allows for copyright enforcement to be a truly integrated component of an artist’s daily workflow, ensuring all artists protect the full value of their work under U.S. Copyright law.

When artists subscribe to Orangenius, they are entrusting us with their best work,” said Orangenius founder Grace Cho. “Honoring this trust, we did not want to leave our members open to risk of their images being stolen. By partnering with ImageRights, we’re excited to be able to offer our members this protection.

Through the partnership with ImageRights, Orangenius members can upload and create a public record of their copyright ownership in their works with the U.S. Copyright Office. Similarly, ImageRights photographers looking to grow their business will have the opportunity to leverage Orangenius’ visual resume building tools and access to new revenue opportunities.

There has always been so much misinformation on the web concerning copyright registration, infringement, and how copyright holders should go about pursuing their claims”, continues Naylor. “Since our start in 2010, our mission has been to become the trusted resource for photographers and artists, to provide the tools they need to protect their work, and successfully recover fees for the unauthorized use of their work.”

Cho said partnering with ImageRights is a seamless alliance for Orangenius, a web-based platform that supports the creative economy. Founded by Cho in 2015, Orangenius aims to put control back in the artist’s hands. Orangenius subscribers can showcase their creative work with ‘visual’ resumes that detail work experience with accompanying images, and enhanced portfolios, allowing users to include comprehensive information about the work.

About ImageRights

ImageRights International provides intelligent image search and copyright enforcement services to photo agencies and professional photographers worldwide to ensure that their intellectual property rights are protected and that they are compensated for the unauthorized use of their copyrighted works. ImageRights, the only company to have fully automated copyright registration with the US Copyright Office, has made copyright enforcement a truly integrated component of its clients’ daily workflow. Through its in-house license compliance team and global network of copyright attorneys, ImageRights has recovered more than $7 million in settlements and awards on behalf of its clients.

About Orangenius

A platform created for artists, by artists, Orangenius was designed to put control back into the creator’s hands. An online platform and collaborative community for creatives, Orangenius users can show and share their work with online portfolios and ‘visual’ resumes, give and get credit for collaborative projects, find and apply to art world jobs, open calls, creative gigs, and more. Visit to find out why this platform is revolutionizing the creative economy.


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