Photononstop a Leading Independent French Agency unveils its new footage website

PARIS, October 18, 2017

With their new site,, the Photononstop Group can now offer a unique, multi-themed service offering more than 5 million HD and 4K video clips, both Right Managed and Royalty Free.

To round out the media collections already distributed by Biosmotion (Science Photo Library, Science Source, Moveen, etc), Photononstop has formed a partnership with the largest collaborative video platform in the USA, Pond5.

Photononstop has always invested in multiple specialties,” said Photononstop Co-CEO Gilles Taquet. “That’s why we acquired Biosphoto in 2012, representing a strong position on the environment, wildlife, and nature” another big area of focus for us. It’s also why Photononstop and Pond5 have decided to join forces to conquer new markets.”

What’s more, the Biosmotion creative community is growing larger every day. More and more videos focusing on the environment, animals, nature and travel are being uploaded by contributors renowned in their fields.

Now, with a larger diversity of media types, including video and photography, with highly qualified and talented professional contributors and a large collection of content covering the broadest range of topics, Photononstop Group is ready for the future” added Co-CEO Christian Delannoy.

Over the short term, Biosmotion is aiming to strengthen their unique position in Europe by focusing their efforts on European video makers. Their specific content and high-value footage will be given center stage.

About Pond5

Pond5 is transforming the role of video in the creative process by connecting producers, creative directors, and editors to more than 60,000 filmmakers and creators in over 150 countries. Pond5 is a venture-backed company funded by Accel Partners and Stripes Group with offices located in New York, Dublin, and Prague.

About Photononstop

Located in Paris, Photononstop is a European agency for the production and distribution of online digital content. Created in 1997, the company experienced a rapid expansion, thanks to a growth strategy that included the acquisition of several local competitors. Today, Photononstop Group is the only independent player in both the French and European markets that is capable of facing and integrating the changes of an industry experiencing constant evolution and restructuring.

Photononstop Group websites include,,, and

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