Second EU Stakeholder Dialogue on Art.17 on 05 November

Nov.04, 2019

On 5th November the European Commission is organising the second “stakeholder dialogue” on the implementation of Article 17 of the EU Copyright Directive. The first meeting took place on 15th October.

The aim of these two meetings is to do a first high level mapping of current practices and experiences related to the cooperation between rightholders and online content sharing service providers, as well as of the experiences of users with the management of their uploaded content. The two meetings will follow the same approach and structure, while focusing on different content sectors in order to take into account the specificities of each sector and to allocate sufficient time for interventions. To this end, the first meeting will focus on music, games and software and the second meeting on audiovisual, sports, visual arts, publishing and print sector (books, press, news).”

The 15 October meeting covered music, software and gaming.
The 5 November meeting will cover audiovisual, sports, visual and text (books, press, news).

The meeting will be streamed.

Meeting of 15.10 abailable at this link

Meeting of 05..11 available at this link: