Speaker of the Day: Andrea Stern



We are pleased to announce Andrea Stern as the moderator for the  Cultural Heritage Seminar which will be held on Friday, 5th of June at the CEPIC Congress 2015 in Warsaw.

Andrea is a Director and founder of The MOCA, Licensing Think Tank Consultancy. She has worked in both the commercial and cultural heritage sectors for over 25 years. Founder of photo agency ASAP, and the Director of Assets and Rights Management and Head of V&A Images at V&A Enterprises Ltd., Andrea has also worked as image industry consultant to the heritage sector, including Coordinator at Oxford University Images, and Project Manager at Imperial War Museum. 

She began her career by accident – typing in publisher George Rainbird’s offices, and was offered a position after 3 days as Editorial Assistant – they said her brain worked faster than her fingers!  She moved to Israel and worked in Carta, as a cartographer (finally using elements of her geography degree) and picture researcher, as Sports Broadcaster at the Israel English language Radio, as a Cocktail waitress, and at publisher Keter as manager of their image library, arranging photoshoots including for ‘A Day in the Life Of’ project.  After 6 years in the UK she returned to Israel in 1991 to co-found ASAP stock agency one of only 3 agencies there, and the only agency licensing local photographers’ work as well as many well-known international stock agencies.  Her daughter, born the following year, spent the first 6 months of her life under the desk in the Jerusalem office, and was a frequent model for the photographers!

Andrea returned to England in 2002 as Head of V&A Images to commercialise and drive the archive into becoming the leading image library in the heritage sector and the first to be involved in CEPIC and the wider image industry. Since 2011 she has been a consultant working with the cultural heritage sector to support the management of their visual content and development of commercial licensing. In 2014, together with Linda Royles and Mary Egan she established TheMOCA – Ministry of Copyright, Cultural and Creators’ Assets, experts in copyright legislation, technology and business, providing strategic and operational advice alongside automated technical solutions.